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Lettuce 'Reine de Glace'

I have just purchased Lettuce 'Reine de Glace' from Sarah Raven -

Learn when to start your seedlings in zones 5 and 6. A Zone 5/6 Seed Starting Schedule can start as early as January with lettuce & other greens. March & April are the months for starting most of your crops! Click on this pin to find our schedule for starting seedlings for your garden in zones 5 and 6.

Tips for Growing Spinach in Your Garden

How to Grow Spinach including how to grow spinach from seed, how to transplant spinach seedlings, when and how to harvest spinach plants.

How to Make Seed Tape Strips (or Salad in a Tin) by mandyland via blogher #Seed_Tape_Strips #mandyland

Planting a celery bottom will produce a new stock of celery... Amazing!!! guh I NEED to make a Gardening board! - Compost Rules.

How to Harvest Lettuce and Extend Your Crop by Months!

Continuous harvest lettuce! This is a great method for harvesting lettuce for anyone who puts work into a garden (might as well get the most bang for your buck, right?) but it's an especially good tip for urban gardeners who don't have a lot of space.

Wish I had read this before the last weekend. I just planted several lettuce and spinach that were very small like this.

The Homestead Survival | Homemade Seed Mat Garden Project: Starting a Homestead Garden | - The Homestead Survival - - a fantastic step by step tutorial of how to create perfectly spaced seed mat that decomposes as the seeds grow when covered with garden soil.