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Any obituary they would have made for Jesus would have been incomplete. We should remember the same for our loved ones who belong to Christ, when the last Easter comes our bodies will become like HIS.

Obituaries are common among those who died. Check out this unknown author’s view of what Jesus Christ’s Obituary would be like if Christ had an Obituary.

Faith - Thank you Lord that you know my foot steps, you have planned my path.

Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me. GOD is already there. What a comfort!

Yes, ma'am.. So if someone's mad because you don't meet their standards, compare their standards to Gods, then go about yer business:) ... And tell them to mind their own dang business.

Wow this is such an important thing in today's society take a minute and think about how you dress and how you act be who God made you to be and let your light shine bright.


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Free Easter Printable

Free Easter Printable - Casting Crowns - "Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)"

Death could not hold Him.

Jesus broke the chains of death by resurecting, giving everyone a chance at eternal life! To accept His gift, you need to believe that Jesus is you Lord & Saviour, the way, the truth and the light.