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Johnny Depp  & Kate Moss... Excuse me! Where was I?

The IT COUPLE of the Johnny Depp + Kate Moss. Adore these pictures of them, adored them as a couple. xo, J

Batman, Brad Pitt

whoa young brad pitt in a batman shirt. double hot can't handle this.

Cuando dije que te amaba (te amo), era verdad (es verdad). Y ahora te fuiste, te fuiste sin decir nada, y te odio por haber me dejado. Pero me odio a mi misma por haberlo permitido. No se, si fue un error mio, o simplemente obra del destino quien eligio esto. Pero entre el espacio que hay entre el sol y la luna... Yo siempre te amare.

Read Please from the story The new girl by blondebiotch with 433 reads. When I went over to Grace's she was crying and screaming the.


You'd jump off this building for me? You just have to go back in time once you are 20 to 1994 and convince me to give up smoking and make me fall in love with you. That's all, young leonardo dicaprio

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Os opostos se atraem - •1•

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Adam Levine   -   #AdamLevine

don't like tattoos, but you can't deny he is a very attractive man!