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Brothers Conflict: Honmei BroCon's Valentines OVA has been released!

Brothers conflict. this is super helpful, I can never get the order right

Chart of the Asahina brothers in number from eldest to youngest, from the series "Brothers Conflict." >> Super helpful, because sometimes it's hard to remember who is older/younger than who!

Brothers conflict: Masaomi's growth

For some reason Masaomi looks the same, but different.

Kaname (I think He is The Oldest of all The Brothers Idk because I Havent Watched Brothers Conflict For A Long Time- Brothers Conflict)

Kaname (Season Kaname (Season Add a photo to this gallery Contents[show] Novel Add a photo.

Ema x Yusuke<<< this is the only ship I approve of in this show because he liked her BEFORE they became step brother and sister

Brothers conflict: Yusuke and Ema. Yeah I ship Yuusuke or Natsume with Ema.

brothers conflict yusuke... I want him and Ema together :)))

Nevermind I found a decent picture :D He's one of my favorite brothers! I hope Ema considers him :)

Iori x Ema

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Tags: Fanart, Pixiv, PNG Conversion, Pixiv Id Brothers Conflict, Ema…