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Lightweight Transport Chair - One product that helped me tremendously with my husband was a Transfer Chair. It is light weight (about 19 pounds) and I could get it in and out of my trunk with no problem! Shop around - you should be able to find one for about $120-$150. This article gives some great tips:

Dmi White Plastic Freestanding Transfer Bench 522-1734-1900

Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench with Cut-Out Seat features a sliding seat. Blow-molded plastic seat and back with textured, non-slip surface. Heavy duty, durable, aluminum frame. 400 lbs weight capacity. Cut-out allows for easy perineal access.

The Karman Healthcare Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic Wheelchair features wide arm pads for extra support, folding back rest, detachable swing-away footrests, and a Tube-in Center foot-plate that provides extra support for the leg muscles.

Aging in Place - Tools for a Safer Living Environment

Karma Mobility likes to think of everything when it comes to mobility equipment and this Travel Chair is no exception. This fantastic wheelchair has been designed so that it can neatly fold into a small package for easy transportation or storage. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a travel chair; this chair comes with larger rear wheels, unlike most travel chairs, which makes it a much more comfortable ride for users, even outdoors.

This mount is from It is nice because it's quite reasonable and easy to reposition. It's not trememdously stable though and was designed to fit the iPad 1. Though it holds an iPad 2, it's not a tight fit and needs a hold drilled in the back for the camera. Copper wire can be threaded through the hose to stiffen it somewhat. Great stuff. They also make flat plastic plates you can use heavy duty Velcro to adhere plate to lightweight devices like tablets.

Portable wheelchair are a convenient way for a wheelchair user to access any area. They can help getting over steps or thresholds, or enter a number of different models of vans, minivans, and SUVs, without having to modify them for wheelchair access. Travel wheelchairs fold up and are potable for frequent trips to the doctor or travel. Portable chairs are extra lightweight and compact, making them ideal for use in a small car or airplane. Like the transport wheelchair,

ALSA Evergreen Chapter is in need of Apple — iPad — With the right apps, these are handy for people with communicating challenges!