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When Life Hands you a Lemon greeting card by echarrow on Etsy ~~~ Yes, there's the answer!

Has the past week been as busy for you as it has for me? And is next week shaping up to be even busier? Me, too, y’all.

Goats + Memes + Pop Songs = Hilarity Lynette I know this will make you and your mom laugh!

Image result for how to brace a show goat

Image result for how to brace a show goat

"City Goats" is a step-by-step guide to raising a pair of dairy goats in your urban or suburban backyard, from city zoning and selecting goats to setting up your yard, building a shed, feeding and caring, kidding, and milking. Read an excerpt from this book on how to decide if raising goats in the city is right for you.

Raising Goats in Your Backyard: Is It Right for You? - Healthy Home

"City Goats : the Goat Justice League's guide to backyard goat keeping" - Jennie P. photography by Harley Soltes You've got to check out the official Goat Justice League's goat shed!