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Imagens maravilhosas para capas - Cameron Dallas

Read Cameron Dallas from the story Imagens maravilhosas para capas by ZAHRAA_ZUBER with 806 reads.

Cameron Dallas: he could be Jordan if he had pale blond hair and grey eyes. But otherwise, yup, this is the guy!

Cameron Dallas Expelled Movie

Here's What Happened When We Hung Out with Social Media Superstar Cameron Dallas

Vine superstar Cameron Dallas came to visit Teen Vogue, and we talked about his new Expelled movie, Aeropostale collection, and more.

Cameron Dallas stars in Daniel Wellington’s holiday 2017 campaign

Cameron Dallas stars in Daniel Wellington’s holiday 2017 campaign

Cam) so umm there's this girl that umm I met and she's kid of umm really pretty and I umm kinda like her so umm yeah....*smiles*

Read 18 from the story Kidnapped By Cameron Dallas by (Cyren) with reads. I sat on a large chair back.


Sup I'm Cameron I'm 22 and single but looking! I'm a bit of a clown *laughs* I'm a big part of Magcon with a bunch of good friends that I love so don't mess with my family or friends because this marshmallow will beat you up!