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Robert Vauvra Unicorns http://lair2000.net/Unicorn_Dreams/Unicorn_History/4ud2.jpg

Unicorn- legendary creature like a horse, but with a slender, usually spiral, horn growing out of its forehead. The popular image of the unicorn is that of a white horse differing only in the horn.

Goblins & Fairies. I have these books real fun to read, illustrations are great. They are published by Harry N. Abrams Inc. Gnomes is illustrated by Rien Pouttvliet and written by Wil Huygen. Faeries is described and illustrated by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. b m w...

Spiderwick Chronicles - Arthur Spiderwick Guide to fantastic world around you: Goblins & Fairies Explained. This is a great book so many wonderful pictures LMc

✯ Seed :: Artist Anastasia Korochansckaja ✯

King of the Forest (✯ Seed :: Artist Anastasia Korochansckaja ✯ personally going to get this printed to put on my daughters bedroom wall.

There is light by which to read!! What a glorious place!

The reader s path Jeremiah Morelli, aka is a middle school teacher and hobby artist from Bavaria, Germany. Jeremiah’s art is full of imaginations and could take me into a whimsy fantasy world. Little ones The lizard… Continue Reading →

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A little princess and her royal jackalope. One piece out of a few that I'm doing to try and beef up a portfolio lol The Royal Jackalope

The Ghost of the Unicorn lives on in our dreams.  So much beauty and passion our minds can not conceive.

A Kirin by Quequinox Art. This mythical/magical handmade creature is only about 10 inches in length. So Cool!