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Travel somewhere new every year. Even if it is somewhere insignificant and cheap. I should start doing this.

Travelling makes you rich in the best kind of way. Can't wait to travel the world with my best friend 💍💕 a new place or adventure every year is the goal!

I want to at least go skydiving once. It would be such an adrenaline rush and epic thing to say to people.

Write a book and be happy enough with it to let someone else read it

I wrote a book and its pretty popular on fanfiction, not faction university, before that Tris The Model, but i stopped because of depression. -Ashley bucket list for girls

i once had to solve a rubriks cube for my dad so that I could go to a party and I wrote on cement before the rest I really want to try

Bucket List: Already shot a gun. In process of writing a novel and still trying to solve a Rubix cube.

Explore a Shipwreck

100+ Things to Do Before You Die

Bucket list: explore a shipwreck. I have explored a shipwreck once but it was small and I would love to explore an extremely old ship wreck.