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rainbow cake. the rainbow cake is topped with i think skittles and tons of marshmallows. this cake would be good for a birthday party i guess!

Gâteau zen, par ici

Rainbow cake decoration with skittles and mini marshmallows. Think I'd put light blue frosting on the base of the cake, though.

Dinosaur Comices T-Rex perler  beads by Inar1 on deviantart

Also with Perler beads. Gave it to my sister as a present since she loves Dinosaur Comics. I also purposefully picked the on. Dinosaur Comices T-Rex

Saving with Sarah: Rainbows and Spongebob

Rainbow Birthday Cake M&M's Kit Kat Cake anti-gravity cake- assuming that's a pretzel covered in m&m's.

To do another Smartie cake, or not to do another smartie cake? That is a good question! Really cool idea!