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Hello, I'm Kenneth. I'm just me. I'm nothing special and am only noticed to be ridiculed. I really like bands like Sleeping With Sirens or My Chemical Romance. That's all there is to say about me because I'm a person and I'm here but I'm nobody special.           Caste: 6 Weight: 100 pounds. Height: 6'3 Age: 21

What Should Your Fashion Style Be?

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Sexy emo guys that I wish I could date

emo boy                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

emo boy Más

He's MINE!!!! He's so hott....*dreamy half smile*

Really hot emo guy!

Wish boys. Looked like this in my school... They are all ugly... And gross.... And... Ewww

Wish upon a green haired boy for a kiss ;

cute emo boy - Google Search

sexy emo boy and hopefully my future husband

Imagine him taking a picture of you surprisingly and putting it on his wall.

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. I love it when dudes have this Hipster kind of hair. Its amazingly cute!

Trent} Hey I'm Trent, I'm 17, Single and Bi, I'm kinda weird and I don't know, emo I guess? *Smirks* I love to cause trouble and I share a cabin with my sister, Jenna. See ya around! *Winks*

Scene boy with tongue piercing

will probably never leave this website... <3 my life has absolutely no EMO GUYS!

Agh I love this photo set