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Edward Snowden warned us about a president like Donald Trump

4 Cases of the U.S. Sheltering Vicious Criminals that Reveal Total Hypocrisy on Snowden | Alternet

Everyone Should Know Just How Much the Government Lied to Defend the NSA | Restoring Liberty

Whatever you might have previously thought about the notion of President Barack Obama pardoning Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, the election of Donald Trump changes everything. The stunning new reality, and the threat it poses to Americans and non-Americans, shifts and strengthens the case for Obama to take this extraordinary step before he departs: pardoning these two most visible critics for their illegal disclosures. The rationale: to empower and embolden whistleblowers over the next…

Trump Admits 'I'd Actually Prefer Snowden To Farage' -- President-elect Donald Trump revealed today that although he had expressed a preference for Nigel Farage as UK ambassador to the USA, this was a case of his “head ruling his penis”. “Although Nigel would be a great choice for the role, my pecker tells me the only person... -- #Farage, #Snowden --

Vladimir Putin signs off 'repressive' new laws in Russia, and Edward Snowden has a warning

Whistleblower and press freedom activist Edward Snowden has condemned a new law signed on Thursday by Vladimir Putin, saying it's a “dark day for Russia”.

ASSANGE Drops the *Most Important* Leak Yet. And it’s About Trumps Election Run!