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My Aspergers Child: Rewards and Discipline for Aspergers Children

"I need help coming up with some effective ways to punish a 5 year old with Aspergers Syndrome.

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FREE Original CLIPART for Kids, Teachers, Churches, Parents, WebPages - created by a professional artist Phillip Martin (for use with free materials)

I am very jealous of you lucky teachers who are already done for the year or are close to being done. We have 26 days with students left to ...

First Grade Garden: Let the Countdown Begin! ABC activities for the last 26 days of school

Thoughts from a teacher...  5.I love the Back to School displays.  There is something about new school supplies that gets me excited about heading back to school each August.  :)  4.Expect the unexpected!  3.When a bad day happens, I go to sleep, wake up and have an amazing next 2 or 3 days with the kids!

Final thoughts from a teacher. every child that makes my job impossible, there are 5 that remind me why I'm in the classroom! from the outside do not understand what it means to be a teacher, and they never will.

Happy New Year 2017!  We hope you all had a safe and fun holiday! We had a great break spending time with our families.  Now its back to work for everyone!  In 2017 we want to hear from you!  What do you want us to write about? What do you have the most questions about? Who's perspective do you want? Should we do a Q&A post about the bloggers? What products have you been struggling with and you want us to give you the bigger picture on some more brands? New products you want us to try out?

When my cat wouldnt stop meowing in the morning no matter what I did

My Bucket List:  This is a cute idea for the last week of school.  I would have my students write the titles of books that they want to read over their summer vacation on the bucket template.

End of the school year writing prompts

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Confessions of a Teaching Junkie: A Book Buffet and a Christmas Craftivity Techie Style

A Book Buffet and a Christmas Craftivity Techie Style

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Early Finishers

Early Finisher Task Cards ~ "I have my flipflop holder hanging on a hook on a cabinet door in my classroom. I punched a set of holes in each task cards and hooked then together with a ring. I then placed the rings on the notches on the flip flop holder.

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▷1001+ idées créatives d'activité manuelle pour maternelle

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