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"Whoooaa..."  Phillipine tarsier

New study shows that tarsiers communicate in secret speech, using ultrasound well above the vocal range of any known monkey or ape. It is akwardly cute

this tarsier has lost its elements of cute and turned into an ewok

this tarsier has lost its elements of cute and turned into an ewok

This tarsier has elements of cute

This tarsier has elements of cute

note how there is no real neck on a tarsier

The Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta; also called mal in T'boli) is a tarsier that was, for a very long time, believed to exist only in the province.


Related to the jellyfish and corals, Siphonophore is a continuous chain of specialized polyps - individual animals that grow from one another in an organized colony. Some in the colony are devoted to feeding, armed with stinging cells to snag fish or in

tarsiers in a tree - Google Search

tarsiers in a tree - Google Search

This fox was found severely wounded after being attacked by other animals. The man who found him had two choices: euthanize him or take him in. You can tell from the photo what he chose to do. He later named him Cropper, and 6 years later, the two are still together. :)

Six years ago, Cropper was found after a fight with dogs injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), Cropper was nursed back to health by this man. Not strong enough to return to the wild, Cropper spends very happy days with his human friend.

Tarsier, the smallest primate, West Java, Indonesia

Jim Zuckerman Photography This is the smallest primate in the world. It is a tarsier, and these guys live in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Tarsiers - nocturnal

Tarsiers - The Big-Eyed, Ancient, Nocturnal Mammal