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Keeping Your First Pet Parrot Parrots are fascinating, different and wonderful bird pets that will give much enjoyment, but in order to keep them happy and healthy, here are some of the basics on keeping your first pet parrot.
The Signs Of Rabies In Dogs
Most holistic veterinarians believe the rabies vaccine is one of the most harmful vaccines to a dog’s system.  However, it is required by law.  The rabies vaccine is available in both one and three year doses. Here is a little helpful secret. #rabies #vaccine
Chicken Quinoa Soup and other great one pot meals for weight loss, recovery and inflamation--sounds good for the Fall
Healthy Cheese-cauliflower Soup. except cheddar cheese is hard to find in france...what cheese should i use in place??
✳ seagull bird beak  - new photo at    #seabird #seagull #bird #albatross #aquatic bird #avopix #free #photos #public #domain
February is Pet Dental Health Month #giveyourpetareasontosmile #petdental
SlimDoggy Health Check: Rabies Part 1 | SlimDoggy
Canine Influenza: How To Protect Your Pet From The Dog Flu #Infographic
Dog Coughing: 10 Keys to Know How Dangerous It Is
Is your Bearded dragon healthy? The health of our pet Bearded dragons is sometimes something we as owners neglect. To make things even worse, it is known that pet lizards, including Bearded dragons, can hide disease very well.
Dental Month
Vervet Monkey Vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus), are small to medium (adults ranging from 40 – 50 cm in height) nonhuman primates with grey hair and black faces. They are native to Africa and found in abundant numbers all over the South Coast. With their natural habitats invaded by human...
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