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I'm thankful for my Tribe for having my back through thick and thin... Sometimes we have to let the ego step to the side and listen to sound advice from those who raise you higher and encourage you to grow into more. I'm fortunate to be under the tutelage of masters in living a great life. In turn I have shared their teachings with those entrusted under my care. My SAYOC Training is a lifesaver. #onetribe #sayoc #motivation #inspiration #coaching #personal #development

KINDLE EDITION -- This great book explores emotional, financial, and even physical changes the dad-to-be may experience during partner's pregnancy. Filled with sound advice and practical tips for men on such topics as, making sense of conflicting emotions, how pregnancy affects sex life, and college fund. This new edition features new research (and there's a ton of it), on overcoming infertility, in vitro, artificial insemination, and other tech-assisted pregnancies, especially when dad is…

The Stuff of Life is about the stuff that affects all of us. It’s the stuff that affects our relationships, values and outlooks. It’s stuff that, if not faced, can diminish a lot of freedom and enjoyment in day to day living. With professional and sound advice, this book meets topics around anxiety, depression, alcohol, self-harm, dating and pornography. It is ideal for parents, young adults and youth workers to gain helpful understanding for yourself, friends and those around you

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Lisa Vanderpump Has A Message For Her RHOBH Co-Stars That Say She's Manipulative: “I Have Some Sound Advice...Get A F—ing Life”

When she expressed how important it is to create instead of destroy. | 19 Times Amy Poehler Gave Absolutely Sound Advice

In this cash register game your kiddo − taking on the identity of Caroline − is given a list of items they need to pick up (following directions!), on top of paying for them at the cash register. As a fun aside, they need to avoid the spiders, as well as pick up any diamonds they find along the way. Seems like pretty sound life advice to me:).

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