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We blame society, but arent we society? We all tear ourselves down by comparing ourselves.

Society really knows how to make you feel like shit. But you know how to make yourself feel beautiful.

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I find it hopeful. No one expects/plans that they will lose love, we hope we never will, but this reminds us that if you do, it is not the end.

To be lucky enough to find a guy to be these things and do these things..I'm never going to let him go!

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Is that bad I want all of that if she gave me all that I would do my damn hardest to give her the word even if she don't want it. I'm a hopeless romantic I can't help it<<<This is love

Do you remember what those dreams were when you were a little girl? I do. I'm working hard every day to make them happen. Do I stumble and fall.. of course I do! But I get up and keep going  Focus on the end goal make those dreams a reality   Don't ever let anyone tell you that your big dreams are not worth  it

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D. Antoinette Foy quote

'If chaos is a work of art, then my heart is a masterpiece. Antionette Foy, i relate more to my mind being a mess.