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*brushes off shoulders* we're the best? Yeah, we know. They told us!

So I thought for a second, and I was like History was not filmed at NASA and then it went through my mind that they were the first in history to film a music video there. Not that they filmed history there.

Does it ever drive you crazy,just how fast the night changes??

Does it ever drive you crazy,just how fast the night changes??

This is so cute omg  :')

This is so cute omg :')

Omg all the time it's not like I have no friends or just everyone has a BFF to work with. But I mean who wouldn't work with Niall for real now

Yes. sad but so true, pretty shore teacher is thinking I LIKE having to work alone when others have partners. this happens to me every time, I feel like walking around saying "I'm not that dumb, I do have a brain that can help out!

Harry styles: the one who still believes!

probably the meanest Harry gets lol<-----No , remember that time Harry told a bunch of fans to shut up.and then profusely apologized for it

1D pyramid!!!

Pe direction the only band in the world that does a human pyramid in the middle of the concert 😆

My boys are one of a kind.

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