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Yeshen Venema Photography

Blackwell finds her books – or rather lets them find her – at second-hand book shops.

'Untitled' from Forgotten series, Mario Macilau 2012

Photographer Mário Macilau’s Portraits of the “Forgotten” Elderly

Matthew Simmonds10

Stunning Classical Interiors Carved into Marble and Stone by Matthew Simmonds

Sculptor Matthew Simmonds Carves Realistic Interiors Into Marble and Stone Elevation V: Santa Maria del Fiore, Firenze 2010 limestone, 60 X 13 X

At the races 8

At the races 8

Naseem Darbey - artist and visual story teller who creates unique "hollow Drawings" using a sewing machine.

"Christening Gown" - Naseem Darbey - drawing/sculpting with sewing machine (on Romeo)

Mario Macilau, photographer, photo credits - Al Jazeera

Mário Macilau is a Mozambican artist known for his photographs dealing with the real issues and problems of his country and beyond.

Lucy Casson collects the material for her sculptures on the streets around her stusio in South London; she combines mysterious plastic objects, tin cans or other found object with printed sheet metal, wood and wire.

Lucy Casson : Cabaret Mechanical Theatre funky and fun art automata