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The first to help you up are the ones who know how it feels to fall down. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

The world needs more people like them…Shows how lucky we are to have the opportunities we have, such as access to education. Education should be as desired as a new car, new home, etc. because NOBODY can take your education from you- it's in your mind forever... and you can never stop learning.

The world needs more people like them…

These 2 teachers created a free school under a bridge in New Delhi, India. These children have been receiving free education for the last 3 years using blackboards painted on building walls. The world needs more people like them.

faith in humanity restored, dumpaday (2)

Sean Misner, one of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in Arizona, on his way home. Trucks were on every overpass from Arizona to the Santa Ynez Valley, with firefighters saluting as Misner's wife drove by with his ashes.

No one is born racist

Children learn racism and hatred from the people in their lives, their culture and their environment. Racism and hatred are learned not inherent. But look at this we live in a racist world x

I would do it too

Faith in humanity restored. Not for that dogs owner, because honestly who would leave their dog outside in that cold weather? But faith for the random stranger that cared about the dog in the freezing temps

What This Little Girl Does To Make Sure Her Dog Makes It Safely To Heaven Is Beautiful cute animals dogs kids adorable dog story puppy animal pets children stories heart warming

When my dog died our whole family was so sad. It had a letter about how my dog was doing, and a book called " All Dogs Go To Heaven". There was no name or stamp on the package just a name signed on the letter, God.

Jonas Salk was not just the inventor of the polio vaccine. He was a great humanitarian.

35 Astounding And Uplifting Facts About The Universe

Funny pictures about Good Guy Jonas Salk. Oh, and cool pics about Good Guy Jonas Salk. Also, Good Guy Jonas Salk.

Wow... Just priceless:

More Ways That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. Just read every single one of these. See there are good people in this world. They wanted to make a difference and they have. Be one of those amazing people.

Try saying one of these things once a day and see how many people you can make smile!

20 Things You Should Say to Make the World a Better Place

Love this kid! If we could all live by his suggestions, life changing! Yeah I don't think any of my friends have surprised me with a corndog.they don't really love me I'm thinking.

This makes me tear up! These are wonderful to read! Faith restored!!

There is still great beauty and kindness in the world. And there are still wonderfully good people out there. Don't give up on people and you'll find that many of them wouldn't even think of giving up on you. Faith in humanity restored.