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A Civilização Branca na Amazônia

A Civilização Branca na Amazônia

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World’s scariest job? Meet the workers building a 3ft-wide wooden road on a vertical cliff face

Tianmen Mountain in is a very popular tourist attraction because of the Glass sky walk, located feet above the sea level on the side of the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie province of China. (Workers building the pathway.

A flooding in Australia forces spiders inland and this 'fog' is actually... all spider webbing.

Spider Web Forest Is Beautiful And Terrifying

Holy creep out Batman! A house is surrounded by spiders' webs in Wagga Wagga, Australia. Spiders have moved to higher ground because of severe flooding in the area.

O TRECO CERTO | Profissões que não existem mais

O TRECO CERTO | Profissões que não existem mais

In America there are two classes of travel - first class and with children - Robert Benchley

Por que problemas de flatulência são comuns a bordo de aviões?

O horror: enfiadas num vagão de trem, mulheres como esta tinham as roupas arrancadas e os nomes esquecidos ao entrar no hospício Colônia de Barbacena para serem apagadas da história (Foto: Luiz Alfredo/FUNDAC. )

The “Brazilian Holocaust”: In scenes reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps, Brazilians, the majority overwhelmingly black, were killed in a mental hospital

Kuelap, Chachapoyas, Peru

Chachapoyas, a Peruvian ruin in the hill town of Kuelap and one of our Top 10 Romantic Destinations

The World's First Mobile Phone Shown in 1922 Vintage Film | Open Culture

World's First Mobile Phone Quite hilarious! Found by a researcher in the Pathe vaults, this clip from 1922 shows that 90 years ago, mobile phone technology and music on the move was not only being thought of but being trialled.

CNN.co.jp : キリストの発言記したパピルス片発見、「私の妻は」の記載

A June 2016 update on the authenticity of an ancient papyrus fragment that in translation states "Jesus said to them . 'My wife.'" Professor Karen King of Harvard Divinity School answers questions about the fragment, dubbed The Gospel of Jesus's Wife.