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"Genforelskelsesstav" - To regain the affection from your spouse - Description of use can

"Genforelskelsesstav" - To regain the affection from your spouse - sigils pagan witchcraft vikings galdrastafir

"I really like the cover treatment, which seems to be a far more realistic take on the "bound in human flesh" trope. The face adornment on the original trilogy props always looked cheesy. For the kind of movies they are that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the remake seems to be taking a more realistic approach." - Propnomicon: The Neo-Necronomicon

5 Clichés of Horror Movies - The ear-deafening screams when the devil brings hell on their victims, the sound of a chainsaw cutting through bones.


Francois Launet has relaunched Goominet, the online home of his horror and Lovecratian artwork.

The Semitic fish-god Dagon. Illustration from “Illustrerad verldshistoria utgifven av E. Sweden From here Detail of a bas-relief from the palace of the Assyrian king Sargon.