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While most kindergartners are busy learning how to pronounce one syllable words, 6-year-old Kazim Ali is on to much higher steps.

Kazuya Murata (aka "Yo-Yo Baby") lives up to his name. Watch what he pulls off at the 2013 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships. We can't take our eyes off of him.

The Internet needs more little baby elephants…

Had them do an elephant walk following a set of elephant prints that we had spray painted on the grass. Each girl put her left hand between her legs and grabbed the right hand of the person behind her. It was hilarious and they all got a good laugh.

Most, if not all, smokers know that smoking is bad for them. So why do they do it? Watch what happens when smokers are confronted with this question.

Since the day a football injury almost claimed his life, Chris Norton has been paralyzed from the waist down. Despite his disability, he was never more determined to walk at his own graduation. So on the big day, Chris showed the world what he was made of.

Netflix prides itself on algorithmic magic that attempts to predict what you want to watch next. Most of the time, it works. But there are those occasions when you’re in the mood for something real...

Nature at its very finest! A mega-pod of dolphins is on the move off the southern coast of California. Watch this incredible video of thousands of dolphins basking in the beautiful water. God can be found in every part of nature!

Ricochet-the only known dog in the world who surfs with special needs kids and people with disabilities as an assertive aid.

Due to a congenital abnormality, Ezra French was born with a severe curve in his left leg and only one finger on his left hand. Despite this, he's living a most inspirational life.