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Heehee! So cute!

Ferrets "dress up" as Wizard of Oz characters

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Seriously cutest ferret snuggles ever.


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I adore ferrets

Penny the ferret

Penny the ferret

ferret, http://www.cafepress.com/tlconline

Better Sprinkles Than Wrinkles!" Avanti Birthday Card Ferret W/ Donut Hat

Buenos dias !!

Aww little ferret

Thirteen years after they were listed as endangered in 1967, the last captive Black-footed ferret died, and the animals were thought to be extinct in North America. Then in 1981 a small relic population was discovered. Thanks to habitat management and captive breeding and reintroduction, there are now an estimated total of about 838 black-footed ferrets living in the wild.

One of my fav animals the black footed ferret!

#Ferrets are pesky and musky creatures but they are #cute. Here's how to have ferrets and keep your house smelling fine. #pets

Ferret odors 101: A guide for new owners

how to keep these naturally musky critters from smelling up your home.

Ferret art by bandit

Ferret art by bandit