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James Marsters... Spike, still my favorite vamp! Pretty much the only vamp I like, and the only one who is so badass, that vampires are not a complete joke!


I need you because you're one of the only people who actually make me feel happy and okay to be who I am. You're all I'll ever need in life. <3

10 Powerful Habits of Ultra Successful People

Achieve your life goals with 10 powerful habits ultra successful people use and change your life.

that momentwhen he rolls ove r puts his arms around me and pulls me closer in his sleep this makes my life complete - Google Search

FIRST be prepared to know yourself better. A serious appraisalOf your life is essential to getting what you want. If you need To get to Pittsburgh by Friday you've got to know where you're Starting from. A serious self-appraisal may take weeks to Complete. How well educated are you in the things you would likeTo know? How much effort do you put into each aspect of yourlife? What are your best and worst points? How do you choose your Friends your home your job and your hobbies? How do treat…

Advice from Joe Rogan... This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Please consider ordering some Peruvian Chocolate today! Fast shipping!


What I learned After Realizing I Wasn't Going to Meet My Goals

Everybody makes mistakes. It'd be hypocritical to judge someone when you yourself are not perfect.

Sexy tattoo on the side of the ribs and beautiful letters.