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mudwerks: “ (via adski_kafeteri: 2 for • Miniature reproduction of an Egyptian sarcophagus with a gold mummy inside, California, private collection, 1933 • Criminal Germany, Berlin, Rings...

Egyptian Papyrus plant. It wasn't always shown stacked like this, but it does create a great effect. Stone work detail from a court house.

Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) was an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled from 1367 BCE to 1350 BCE. This statue shows one of his daughters with an elongated skull. It is thought that both the pharaoh and his daughters had this condition. Henry Wellcome did his utmost to acquire objects for his collection. He was not always successful. This copy was purchased by one of his agents, Captain P Johnston-Saint in Cairo in 1933.

Black Opal NecklaceMr. Tiffany amassed a collection of objets d'art from many cultures, including Babylonian and Egyptian necklaces and bracelets, Benin arm bands, Spanish and Greek earrings and Hindu jewelry. These cultures influenced many of his designs as can bee seen in this beautiful Black Opal necklace. Louis Comfort Tiffany died in 1933 and was an internationally recognized artisan and has shown Black Opal in its finest light.

Handy-Bandy (c.1899-1933) presented an Egyptian style magic act, with his American wife who performed as "Nadia-Nadyr", throughout Europe in the 1920s. Starting out performing a Japanese act in variety theaters around Berlin, he was inspired by Okito's Oriental magic. After a great deal of criticism from those who had seen both performers, Makarius took on the character of a Egyptian.

Copper-Nickel Coin 1933 AD 1352 AH Mint Mark H Egyptian Ten Milliemes Fouad King of Egypt

Nice uncirculated 1933 AH) Egyptian copper-nickel coin. This is the ten milliemes or one piastre copper-nickel coin with a plain rim.