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Last Friday, a "cloud wave" startled the occupants of New South Wales, Australia. In fact a "rack cloud," those on Bondi Beach saw what gave off an impressio.

I remember my Dad teaching me about the different types of clouds...this kind was always fascinating!

I remember my Dad teaching me about the different types of clouds.this kind was always fascinating!

Lightning in sunset clouds  i would love to credit the photographer - anyone know who it is?

The lightning in sunset clouds on top of WuTong Mountain of ShenZhen, China

our-amazing-world:  storm cloud Amazing World beautiful amazing

Epic supercell thunderstorm clouds in Kansas from photographer Camille Seaman. - This is the stuff that literally gives me nightmares! Thank God I've never lived in Kansas or else I would have to be on anxiety medication.

Weather represents the emotion and feeling of the novel or the situation at the moment.  "i Looked outdoors for a minute, and it's a very romantic outdoors." (Fitzgerald, 15) Roaring noon. Blinking away the brightness of the anteroom, talking to another man." (Fitzgerald, 69) " Once more it was pouring, and my irregular lawn..." )Fitzgerald, 88)

Meteorologists campaign to classify new 'Asperatus' clouds seen across the world

This is so beautiful, but ominous. Such an unusual cloud formation! Roiling caramel colored cloud, called an Asperatus cloud. Photo by Ken Prior

“Whether your transformation happens through trauma, surprise, or intention, the process begins because of a growing need for change.” ― Suzy Ross

Swirling Peaceful Death / Subtle yet hurtful / Calm yet crazy / Dark clouds swirl /Snow white clouds sway behind / Wanting to help /But their friend has become /Demented / Nothing to do but endure / And hope He calms soon

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The calm Sea and the beauty of its colour before a storm. Pinner - We see it all in this picture - Clouds - Water - White Water Wave - Sand.

nasty looking cloud

Damn Nature, you are one crazy mother (25 HQ Photos)

Funny pictures about Amazing Cloud Formation caught in Nebraska. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Cloud Formation caught in Nebraska. Also, Amazing Cloud Formation caught in Nebraska.