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BookByYou.com - Pride and Prejudice - I ordered this novel and it was much cooler than I thought it would be! Basically, this is a personalized novel. You go to their website and fill out a form, and then they put you in the novel! It was really cool to see myself interact with Mr. Darcy and the rest of the characters of my favorite Jane Austen classic!

Personalized Pride and Prejudice from Classic Book By You

I want this! P, the scene where Mr. Darcy describes when he fell in love with Elizabeth. :)

Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf.ohhhhh I want this go Othello or Wuthering Heights of better yet bible verses!

If Jane Austen had a typewriter, her reading/writing nook would have looked something like this #Austenland ...Thank you @abookishloveaffair for the beautiful scene featuring our P&P #writing gloves! (take a peek at the original photo on her Instagram profile for a discount code)

Pride and Prejudice Writing Gloves

Darcy with these super-soft fingerless gloves featuring text straight from Jane Austen's classic novel, Pride and Prejudice! These gloves are created from American-made,

Oh...I really want these! Print is excerpt from _Pride and Predjudice_

Pride and Prejudice Writing Gloves

Reading Gloves, when it's chilly / Pride and Prejudice Writing Gloves /Tori Tissell via Etsy

Classic Story Infinity Scarf from Library of Congress. You can pick either Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice

Wrap Up With A Good Book Scarf Pride and Prejudice by storiarts. Not gonna lie, I've never read Pride and Prejudice nor have I seen the movie, but this scarf is still awesome!

THIS IS ME. I have 2 cats, I drink at least 5 cups of coffee a day, and I sit around and read P&P, or else write novels of my own.

I have 2 cats, I drink at least 5 cups of coffee a day, and I sit around and read P&P, or else write novels of my own.

Mr. Darcy, Vampire by Amanda Grange

"Mr Darcy, Vampyre" by Amanda Grange. silly and indulgent at best.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith: From the author of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter comes this side-splitting parody of Jane Austen’s classic novel of manners.  You’ll laugh yourself hoarse as Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy find love in an England overrun by zombies.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Deluxe Heirloom Edition (Quirk Classics) Seth Grahame-Smith