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Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Been a long time since I've made a batch - the dandelions sure are abundant these days... :)

How To Make Vanilla Extract

How To Make Vanilla Extract How To Make Vanilla Extract - from selecting the beans to making the extract, here is a comprehensive look at making vanilla extract! How to make Vanilla Extract begins with a very important step: selecting your vanilla beans. Make sure you select the best beans for...

Seaweed Mask Recipe

Why pay $175 for a nourishing seaweed mask at a spa when you can make your own DIY homemade version for a fraction of the cost? Here's how.

7 Risks That Will Make You A Better Brewer

As a hobby, brewing tends to start modestly. You get an equipment kit from a friend or loved one and brew your first batch using an extract kit that likely came with it. You boiled, chilled, and pitched in a two gallon pot on your kitchen stove, and two weeks later you made an unholy mess of your ki…

The fundamental elements of plant construction

The recent confirmation of the names of four new chemical elements is a tribute to the creative powers of humankind. It also shows how much weve advanced since ancient times when it was widely believed that all things were composed of just four fundamental elements: earth fire air and water. However although that idea has long since been discarded it still has relevance today because all you need to make a plant is earth fire air and water. How so? Earth Of the approx. 92 chemical elements…

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