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Triaspol Hostel

Tiraspol hostel is the only hostel, media fixer,tour guide in Tiraspol, Transnistria / Moldova. In the last remnants of the Soviet Union!

Download the official Food Guide from Eating Well with Canada! Save the PDF version on your phone as a quick reference.  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/alt_formats/hpfb-dgpsa/pdf/food-guide-aliment/view_eatwell_vue_bienmang-eng.pdf

It is now and Americans hope for a brighter, healthier new year. Are Americans healthier today than they were last year or the year before?

Seasonal Eating to Enhance Health and Flavor!

The newest food trend on the market, “locavorism,” advises us to purchase and eat foods that grow in our immediate environment. This is a fantastic concept, but.

“Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” – Hippocrates

Did you know that certain nutrients have been shown to aid the body in maintaining and restoring veins and the valves that keep our blood pumping? Adding certain foods high in these nutrients into your diet can be an effective way to supplement your treatment plan or work on your vein health preventatively.  … Read More »

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How to prune basil so your plant will be bushy instead of spindly (1) From: My Byrd House, please visit

Very Interesting Tips! How to prune basil to have enormous plants. So admired the bushy basil. Failed my basil first time, thin long not bushy. Now found my answer here- Need to prune basil ! Awesome goin to try this !

Have you ever wondered why pickles and fermented foods were traditionally presented with a plate of food? It seems almost all cultures around the world have used some type of pickle or other fermented food; in Japan they ate takuan and oshinko pickles, and umeboshi plums; Korea is famous for it’s kimchee (Kimchi); throughout Europe, dill,…

Rady, jak se pustit do zavařování okurek a co nevynechat!