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Sally Hansen- Glass Slipper over Essie- Marshmallow.....~I have Glass Slipper and I LOVE it!

Sally Hansen- Glass Slipper over Essie- Marshmallow.~I have Glass Slipper and I LOVE it!

Umm yeah. Tried to do the Northern lights landscape. They didn't turn out the way I wanted them to be. But I still kinda like them Base color is a black nail polish by @essence_cosmetics and the rest is hand drawn with Pebeo acrylic paints. Top coat by @essence_cosmetics called Sealing Top Coat

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So annoying– You finish your mani, it looks amazing and then a short time later you look down to see bubbles in your polish. Here are some ways to avoid that problem… 1. Don’t shake your polish bottle. Try rolling it between the palms of your hands instead. Shaking the polish vigorously creates a bazillion little bubbles that you can’t see… until they rise! If you absolutely have to shake the bottle to mix your color, do so and then wait about half an hour so all the bubbles can surface…

TBD Avoiding Nail Polish Bubbles (Note: Tip should say that you can add a few drops of nail polish THINNER to your bottle. Never add nail polish REMOVER. It will ruin your bottle of polish for the next time you go to use it.

かわいいネイルを見つけたよ♪ #nailbook



Matte nails are so pretty and elegant! If you are looking for nail designs that are classy and chic, you can’t go wrong with matte nail polish!

The Best Wedding Nails Ideas And Wedding Nails Design Ideas That Are Simple, Natural, And Elegant. Glitter Or French Tips For Bride Or Bridesmaid, And Lace Or Vintage Looks For The Bridal Party And Brides Maids. We Cover Wedding Nails For Fall, For A Beac

Coral and gold.

I'm so going to try this. This design is great for spring and fall. The gold really compliments the peachy pink color. Gold and peach nails