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Katherine Howard costume for BBC’s new show Six Wives with Lucy Worsley.

BBC banned from filming Henry VIII letter in Vatican because of risque reference to breasts

3 Part Docudrama with Lauren McQueen as Katherine Howard in 'Six Wives with Lucy Worsley'

Replica of Mary Tudor's wedding gown.  Consisting of a mantle of brocaded cloth of gold, bordered with pearls and diamonds of great size, and lined with ermine. The dress was also gold smothered with the same precious stones, and the underskirt of white satin embroidered of silver. The French hood in black velvet was surmounted by a double row of large diamonds. 1554

A replica of Mary Tudor’s wedding dress. A beautiful replica of Mary Tudor’s weddingdress. Made by costume expert Tanya Elliott. Mary’s dress wasrecorded in one contemporary report to be in the French style andmade of ‘rich tissue with a

Diane di Portiers ~  Mistress of Henri II. She is wearing French fashions from the 1530's. The French sleeves still have a fir-trim but now are attached to 'slashed' sleeves as opposed to covering a thin sleeve, as still worn in England. The skirts also have a round, wide shape. Diane wears the common headwear of the time, a 'French Hood'.

Diane di Portiers - Mistress of Henri II. She is wearing French fashions from the

A portrait of Phillip II (1527-1598), King of Spain. After Anthonis Mor, 1558. Philip's wife Mary I of England died the same year that this portrait was painted.

Antonio Moro (Anthonis Mor van Dashorst) Phillip II King of Spain, 1558

Queen Elizabeth’s ruby and diamond earrings formerly belonging to Queen Mary, and the ruby and diamond necklace was given to the Queen by her parents as a wedding gift.

British Royal Jewels - Ruby and Diamond Necklace Formerly belonged to Queen Mary and was given to Queen Elizabeth II by her parents as a wedding gift

Elizabeth of York, Lancastrian wife of Henry VII and mother of King Henry VIII. Queen Elizabeth I was likely named after both of her grandmothers, each of whom was named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth of York Daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville Born: 11 February 1466 Married Henry VII: 18 June 1486 Died: 11 February 1503 Children: Arthur Prince of Wales Margaret Queen of Scotland Henry VIII Mary Queen of France 18

Elizabeth the first.  Tudor queen of England and Ireland, nicknamed 'Gloriana' and the 'Virgin Queen' who overcame many challenges and threats at home and from abroad to preside over a perceived 'golden age' in English history.

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The Darnley portrait done in 1575 by an unknown artist. Elizabeth at her serene and regal best, utterly confident and imposing in her clothes, her demeanor and her bearing. By an unknown artist.