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‘Choosing Joy’: Baby Abby was only given a ‘slim chance’ of survival, but abortion wasn’t an option

Life After Abortion.. The Story of Our Miracle Baby @jes25yeshua I didn't see it going the way it did. Took my emotions for a ride

Orthodox couple fought hospital to save their preemie’s life. Now he’s 3 years old and healthy.

Twin babies rescued from #abortion: Rebecca was met outside of #PlannedParenthood at 4 weeks pregnant by Sherry who ministers as a sidewalk counselor. Rebecca chose life that day. The #prolife woman who shared this with us attended Rebecca's birth last Monday. She writes, "It was a real treat to see their lives after narrowly making it that day." This is what sidewalk counseling is all about! Saving lives and giving purpose. Meet Kara and Olivia!

Pro-Lifers Show Massive Support for Raped Teen Who Rejected Abortion and Kept Baby http://www.lifenews.com/2013/07/11/pro-lifers-show-massive-support-for-raped-teen-who-rejected-abortion-and-kept-baby/

Dr. Gosnell is charged with the DEATHS of babies born. Babies like the one on the bottom had their spines SNIPPED! (AKA- head cut off)

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