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Because of Reading Markus Zusak, Susanne Collins, J.K Rowling, Rick Riordan, Lois Lowery(I'm really sorry if I spelled anything wrong). And James Dashner

That is it. That is the exact definition of a book and that is how parents should see it but no they have to think we are obsessed!

I love science fiction but not sure how fault in our stars falls under this category! Divergent/mortal instruments/the host/hunger games/maze runner/fault in our stars/Harry potter/Percy Jackson

Because of Reading

Because of Reading.we love the boy with the bread. Book: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Rowling this is for you.

NEW LIFE GOAL "No, no, Barnes and Nobel employees, it's okay. I'll just leave this here then.

The first hundred pages of the first book were boring and aggravating as hell! But you had to suffer through it and finish the book in order to share your opinion.

"The first hundred pages of the first book were boring and aggravating as hell…" << um, die?

Because of reading

⭐Because of reading we want to go on a quest ~ Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood. PJO Percy Jackson and the Olympians HoO Heroes Of Olympus

And the face Thomas makes when he says it hahaha

Haha just like how that Seattle sea hawks player would answer press interviews…

So true! I have a dresser that is covered in my favorite book quotes<3

Because Of Reading Walk in the LIGHT<<<< I was gonna say that walk in the light quote from legend and was pleasantly surprised to see previous piner beat me to it