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Sounds about Rite to me. Listen up and Pay Attention while shes still Willing.She Knows ALOT More then you think! Her Willingness, Forgiveness and Caring, when not reciprocated, Will Not Go On Forever.

It feels good as a parent when someone praises your child and tells you, "What a smart child you have!" doesn't it?  What if I told you, this kind of pra...

Calling Your Kids "Smart" May Actually Hurt Them!

Guildleader chores: Changing mindsets - how do you move players from fixed mindsets to growth mindsets?

A teacher's lesson

A teacher's lesson People pay attention to the bad. look at all the good.

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I am a paradox. I am neither happy nor am I sad. I smile at pretty things, & laugh at funny things. but late at night I become a mess of emotions & thoughts & I wish I could just disappear.

Worlds Change. A new poem. #poetry #quotes #love

Worlds Change. A new poem. #poetry #quotes #love

this is so true. your next decision could be a game changer.

Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description you are always one decision away from a totally different life - what a fantastic thought