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Music Theory Scales and E Minor Scale

Among the Music Theory Scales is the E Minor Scale which is also called the Aeolian Scale or the Natural Minor Scale. In addition, we will talk about the Harmonic Minor Scale and the Melodic Minor Sc

Cute piano worksheets for learning the whole/half pattern for major scales. Free!

Kids pretend to be a scale detective to figure out the whole and half step pattern that's used in major scales.

do re mi fa so la ti do scale - Google Search

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti are solfege syllables that we learn in order to learn the major scale also called the Ionian scale.

piano scale chart - Google Search

Ever wonder why the black keys on the piano are arranged in groups of twos and threes? Or why they stopped naming the notes after G? Learn the science behind the development of the piano note chart

Chord Inversions Piano

The chord inversions piano has are the same on guitar and are easy to understand once you know all of the notes and how to invert the chords!

How to Write a Top-Charting Pop Song in Five Minutes

How to Write a Top-Charting Pop Song in Five Minutes

Music Theory Cheat Sheet, aka "Write Awesome Music In 5 Minutes" (it's basically a guide to the most common rock/pop chord progressions and how to play them in any key)

A chord chard of a C major, G major, D major and A major scales.

A good way to learn how to play the piano fast!