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RDJ Can't speak French

Why Robert Downey Jr doesn't speak french.they don't teach french in jail

HA HA HA !!! This makes me love him more!

Gandalf falls asleep.

Gandalf the Sleepy // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Poor Boromir!

How Boromir actually died. If only the Fellowship had listened to Legolas. <- This is HORRIBLE. but so funny<<funny but wrong

Great line haha!

Banner, your work is unparalleled and I I'm a huge fan the way you lose control and turn into a enormous green rage monster. Banner: "Thanks

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OK, so I liked the movies, as movies and they went well with the LOTR, BUT this is SO true!

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Bahahaha Thranduil is born with it :p Hair competition between Disney and Elves. XD ~ Samantha Morton /// The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings / Disney / Legolas / Thranduil / Funny / Fabulous


Because we all know that Robert Downey Jr. is Robert Downey Jr. all the time. Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. is the same person, let's be honest

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Pippin though...

The lord of the Ring - "You bow to no one">>I'm like sure pippin was high for a good portion of lotr

The Hobbit and Road to El Dorado- pretty much the same thing. // I'm so sorry but not at all sorry

The Hobbit/Road to El Dorado crossover Oh, Thorin, you and your dragon sickness