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I feel like this is actually how it went down...

Funny pictures about Mayan calendar. Oh, and cool pics about Mayan calendar. Also, Mayan calendar photos.

AH the green ham..... mystery solved SO where do the green eggs come from???

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Yoga memes

Cat says, who know how many years of yoga amp; they still cant even lick their own butts.

Bizarro Pirate Dry Cleaners 1989

We specialize in safely laundering all types of shirts, even for the captains! Our gentle process is easy on buttons, yet can remove the gnarliest stains in all of the seven seas.

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Upward dog

Yoga class for dogs cartoon: Lets begin class in Up-human … (yoga fun, humour & laughter) .

22+ Jokes That Grammar Nerds Will Understand

22+ Jokes That Grammar Nerds Will Understand

Tin Man Yoga - otherwise known as exactly how I feel in yoga class

Funny doctor cartoons funny photo - http://www.myfunjokes.com/other-funny/funny-doctor-cartoons-funny-photo/ #humor  #jokes

Looks like he's gonna pull through, but it must've been a pretty vicious attack . he's lost a lot of candy. (pinata in hospital)

Friday Funday

This is the final exam. If you stay, you fail.

Hilarious!! (took me a minute!!)

ERRONEOUS JUDGMENTS Here’s a chuckle and a thought: Often we don’t understand what’s happening simply because we’re…