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Rate Shock: In El Dorado County, Obamacare To Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums By 141% | In El Dorado County

A Statement RCD Directors Dispute DA's allegation of Nutting Conflict of Interest | In El Dorado County. A recent email sent by Chuck Mitchell, president of the El Dorado Resource Conservation District, directly contradicts DA Vern Pierson's allegations that Supervisor Ray Nutting had a Conflict of Interest by Voting on Prop 40 grant funds alleged to have benefited Nutting

Anti-development Groups Request Creates "What-A-Mole" Dilemma | In El Dorado County

A "writ of mandate" was filed in El Dorado Court to compel Vern Pierson's DA office to do its job | In El Dorado County

What Are The Busiest Websites in El Dorado County? | In El Dorado County. “In El Dorado County” ( Remains the busiest website in all of El Dorado County!

Over Protest, County moves Mental Illness 'out-of-sight' and out of reach - Opinion | In El Dorado County. Board of Supervisors charade of holding a public meeting while it attempted to act as if it was making the best decision on behalf of the citizens and patients regarding the move of the Mental Health Outpatient Center to Diamond Springs

Where do InEDC News Stories Come From? | In El Dorado County. Debunked - Most stories on In come from the Mt. Democrat. Only 5% of the news stories published on InEDC orinate from Mt Democrat writers. 45% are direct submissions and press releases. Another 5% are original stories written by InEDC. And the other 45% ...

Did Supervisor Ray Nutting's Vote equal a Conflict of Interest - An Expert opinion | In El Dorado County. Mr. Nutting, by applying for Proposition 40 grants from CalFire with administrative support from SCRMC through the Tahoe RCD, he is not making, participating, or influencing a governmental decision. In order to have a conflict of interest, all eight steps of the conflict of interest analysis must apply to the decision. Step two does not apply to Supervisor Nutting‘s question.

Ray Nutting accuses Joe Harn & Vern Pierson of Politicizing offices | I have talked to Joe Harn about 6 months ago and I told him that he is making too much money. Every time he gets elected he makes almost a million dollars from the tax payers of El Dorado County.

El Dorado Dog Owners Guild (EDDOG) Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser | In El Dorado County. This is a fundraiser with proceeds helping to complete the first off-leash dog park on the Western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in El Dorado County.