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Basil bison chili! Only 150 calories per serving with over 30g protein, it’s perfect for #mealprep or a family #dinner. Just add your choice of carb or raw vegetable - perfect for bulking or shredding! Check out FitMenCook.com for the full recipe or click the link in my profile! Boom. (traduccion abajo) Note: 👉 In Version 2.0 of the #FitMenCookApp, new recipes that I share will be available in the app on a weekly basis! Thanks for your patience and support! Chili de bisonte con albahaca…

Minestrón (Sopa de verduras) con arroz – Minestrone con riso - Vegetable Soup with rice italian food, italian recipes, comida italiana, cocina italiana, recetas italianas

Lentejas con verduras y patatas - Lenticchie con verdure e patate - Lentils with vegetables recipe. italian food, italian recipe, cocina italiana, comida italiana

Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that you hate or love. In particular we love ours , but what we like is less smell that leaves throughout the house during cooking . If it were not for this, I think we would spend everyday preparing recipes with cauliflower.

Receta Rápida - Verduras salteadas con fideos / Quick Recipe - Sauteed vegetables with noodles

Cockles with white vegetables and home made mayonese - Salpicón de berberechos con verduras blancas (recipe in spanish)

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