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At first I didn't see anything. Then, the stealthy behemoth revealed itself right beside me. I froze in awe of its sheer size. It zoomed past me like a subway car flying through the station. #travel #adventure #whale

What Kind of Cruise Is Right for You?

Are you a fan of big cruise ships with all the bells and whistles or do you prefer smaller boats with fewer frills but more intimacy?

Un-Cruise Adventures: The Sea of Cortez Dolphin super pod! #uncruise #cruise #travel #mexico #smallshipcruise #Dolphins

This island is one of the only islands in the Sea of Cortés that is mostly comprised of granite. #travel #adventure #mexico

"I will never forget witnessing the turtles gliding amid the reef. Turtles lined up to partake in an ancient ritual at a "cleaning station." #adventure #travel

Imagine seeing so much on your first few days in Alaska that by day six you're bored when you see only three whales and four bald eagles. Crazy, right? I'm not saying that's how it went during my weeklong sailing with Un-Cruise Adventures, but we got so spoiled that we expected to see something amazing every day. #cruise #travel #adventure #alaska

Coming out on deck at 7:00 am and being greeted by a breaching whale is not a bad way to start things off. It gets even better when you find that this excited young humpback is being escorted by several others, each taking a turn showing off their massive flukes as they dive deep, preparing for another lunge. #alaska #travel #adventure #cruise

The day before the Wilderness Discoverer was due to arrive in Sitka, we anchored in the Magoun Islands for one final day of adventuring before returning to civilization and saying goodbye to our guests. #alaska #travel #adventure