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Harry out in Liverpool 29 dec 2016. Look at that face, his perfect features, his jawline, the stubble. Lord have mercy

Dimple Harry out in London 6 jan 2017

Ahhhh look at him Harry with Anne and Gemma. Cuties (Anne’s new twitter icon)

Here we have Harry pointing at his wrist. He's trying to tell us that we're running out of time to get Just Hold On to a top of chart before Christmas. SO WE BETTER LISTEN TO HARRY AND KEEP STREAMING Y'ALL LAZY ASS.

Look at that smile :') - Harry today (24.12.16)

that's the first time i've seen this coat but it's already his best coat

Oh my gosh. Love this photoedit of Harry and Harry! : @hazzangel21

His hair is getting longer I can't!!!!!

This photo was posted by a real account and it said "New Year" so there is a source confirming it was from last night. Look at his hair aaahhh (31.12.16)