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Southwest Wolf Pup Howling (Photo: USFWS) Petition Take emergency Action to Rescue the Mexican Gray Wolf

Demand That the BLM Prevent a Predator-Killing Contest ! PLE... - Care2 News Network

Wolves and other predatory animals face a new threat, as hunting groups push to hold an annual 'predator-killing' contest in their habitat. Help save wildlife from this cruel and irresponsible event.

Arctic Snow Wolf by Josef Gelernter on 500px

thatwanderinglonewolf: “Arctic Snow Wolf by Josef Gelemter ”

Pledge to Protect Michigan's Wolves!  Click image to take the pledge!

Pledge to protect Michigan's wolves! With fewer than 700 wolves left in the state, Michigan's wolf population is only now starting to recover from the brink of extinction.

Governor Butch Otter: Endangered Animals Should Not Be Dying in Traps. THE SILVER RULE: DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD NOT WANT DONE TO YOU!  http://www.care2.com/causes/governor-butch-otter-endangered-animals-should-not-be-dying-in-traps.html

Governor Butch Otter: Endangered Animals Should Not Be Dying in Traps

At Zoo Zurich in Switzerland, a Mongolian wolf pup born on April 25 is seen getting ready to be picked up by its mother. The small female is said to have an independent streak, but will soon adjust to living with the rest of the pack.

Tibetan/Mongolian Wolf and pup. The Mongolian wolf is also known as the Tibetan wolf or as a subspecies of the Gray wolf (Canis lupus chanco). It is a smaller wolf than it's cousin the Gray wolf and usually only weighs about 45 kg.

Young wolf

puppies * My freshest member of the family - - young dogs

Ardwolf is a small relative to the hyena and it's diet is comprised of termites. They are nocturnal and live as monogamous pairs in burrows underground.

The aardwolf is a small, insectivorous mammal, native to East Africa and Southern Africa. Its name means "earth wolf" in the Afrikaans / Dutch language. Wikipedia Scientific name: Proteles cristata

Coyote (Canis latrans).  Despite their reputation, these animals are beneficial to a healthy wildlife ecosystem.  They also target some animals we find a nuisance (at best) such as mice and rats.  Click the picture for viewing and safety tips.

Pecos Bill raised by coyotes. So start acting like one!" the cowboy cried out. Well that was all Bill needed to hear. He said goodbye to his coyote friends and left to join the world of humans.