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My Story by Julia Gillard

On Wednesday 23 June with the government in turmoil, Julia Gillard asked then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for a leadership ballot.

Jackson Pollock: “ Blue Poles"    1952  To many people, the works of the abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock appears to be the random paint splattering of a drunk without any real talent. Yet the artworld values the worth of Pollock’s paintings in the multi-millions, claiming that it reveals creativity and sheer distinctiveness that cannot be reproduced or imitated. This is what makes Jackson Pollock such a talented and remarkable artist.

Jackson Pollock - Blue Poles, 1952 – oil on canvas, 210 cm × cm - Australia, National Gallery


Cairn terrier cute dog on a pile of cushon great vintage style dog print poster

Victoria, Australia 1960s: 1966: President Lyndon Johnson's bodyguard Rufus Young is covered with blood spattered with paint - anti-Vietnam protests held in Melbourne during President Johnson's Australian tour ...

President Lyndon Johnson's Secret Service agent, Rufus Youngblood, pointing out the people who threw paint bombs toward the President during an anti-Vietnam protest in Melbourne, Australia where Johnson was visiting ×

Graffiti street art colours . Freedom comes from inside.

15 examples of awesome and creative street art

So then if the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. John ''Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage'' - Robert Lovelace. This piece is called Freedom, its from Mexico City (photo by Óscar Arias).

Jihadists Creating Utopia Online To Attract Young Australians ~ Painting A Picture Of Bliss On Social Media

Stronghold: As well as carrying out suicide bombings in regime controlled Baghdad, the terror group still have full control over the northern Iraq city of Mosul (pictured)

Anon  Change Over to a Victory Job propaganda poster  Nd  © Australian War Memorial

Anon Change Over to a Victory Job propaganda poster Nd © Australian War Memorial

A picture of the rum rebellion, When the convicts and redcoats revolted when rum rations were cut off.

Rum was the main currency in colonial Australia. When Governor William Bligh tried to end the army officers' monopoly in his government was overthrown in the only coup in Australian history.