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DIY Netted Stone Macrame Friendship Bracelet Tutorial from Curly Made. There is both a video and written tutorial depending on your learning style. Thank you Curly Made for both tutorial options and not just posting a video tutorial! I’ve posted...


HOW TO DISPLAY JEWELRY AT A CRAFT FAIR - steps, ideas and examples on how to create an effective display for your handmade jewelry at a craft show | Made Urban

Christiane Diehl makes some of the best recycled jewelry I've ever seen from materials such as tire inner tubes and air mattress.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with empty toilet paper rolls lately. There’s so many cool DIY projects you can do with them as you will be seeing over the next couple months (that was your warning). But I am in love with these burlap napkin rings that I made. These are very inexpensive to make and fairly easy! I think they would be gorgeous for a wedding, and they cost next to nothing to make!

friendship pin necklace: do it yourself

DIY Safety Pin Necklace. I like this tutorial for so many reasons. It’s simple, cheap and I love how it looks. *The blogger doesn’t suggest this, but since I’ve made so many of these, I’d suggest you shut the safety pins with needle nose pliers so they don’t accidentally come open - because they do.

piercingsbyaj: legitbodyjewelry: This may be the coolest piece of jewelry I’ve seen this year! A custom sandblasted black gold storm cloud with genuine sapphire briolettes. Added to that is a separate piercing with a gold lightning bolt! Designed and pierced by @Mike Moore. Made possible by @Leticia Bustos. This is one of the raddest things I’ve seen in the form of a body piercing and I’m quite jealous that I didn’t do it hahaha

Linen Travel Jewelry Bag -

Linen Travel Jewelry Bag. I used to have one of these, made out of satin, and loved it! Think I'll make up a few for quick gifts!