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Straw-bale gardening lets you grow vegetables without soil

straw bale garden..going to try this, gotta be a way to eliminate the back breaking work and battles with weeds.

Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital - Cleveland, OH The Rainbow Babies Healing Garden is a whimsical themed outdoor (courtyard) environment for children and families to come and relax. The garden features a brownstone house puppet theatre, a cottage storage building, giant tree stumps and a beanstalk, themed seating and giant shade flowers

Cleveland Pear Tree

The Cleveland Pear Tree is a perfectly uniform tree that grows completely symmetrical, perfect for front yards!

Best Plants Under Big Trees

Use our tips to master one of gardening's biggest challenges--growing plants in dry shade.

Beautiful Succulent Wedding Bouquets

For rustic wedding style, carry a bridal bouquet full of texture and various plants and florals. Featuring cotton, berries, branches and succulents, this arrangement blends both modern and boho wedding styles. The pink peonies and blush garden roses add a feminine touch.

Cleveland Pear Tree

Cleavland Flowering Pear. 30-40' high15-20' spread. Perfectly uniform tree. Every spring it has a long-lasting explosion of pure white flowers. In the fall, the leaves turn from a deep summer green to a dark scarlet red. Susceptible to wind and ice damage because of branch growth, often 6-8 branches from the main stem, with very tight "v's".

A great benefit of the Bradford Pear is that it is a rapid grower, achieving a 12 to 15 feet increase in height over an 8- to 10-year period. Bradford Pear trees are shallow-rooted and will tolerate most soil types.