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WebSockets for awesome on the ESP8266 - YouTube

Websockets are . So, I started implementing them on the The configuration interface on my tool uses them so doe.

Did you even realize that you can bore square holes with a round drill?

19 GIFs That Will Help Explain The World

Did you even realize that you can bore square holes with a round drill?

DIY 3D Printing: Cortex 3D printed cast for bone fractures

Cortex cast for fractured bones by Jake Evill. casts for fractured bones could replace the usual bulky, itchy and smelly plaster or fibreglass ones in this conceptual project by Victoria University of Wellington graduate Jake Evill.

10 Cool Companies That Are Already Monetizing IOT #infographic #infografía

10 Companies Making Money From the "Internet of Things" [Infographic] - Movers and Shakers - Website Magazine

Arc-O-Matic, an Arduino-Controlled Art Bot

Arc-O-Matic, an Arduino-Controlled Art Bot

Pete Prodoehl, inspired by this robot, created an art bot -- the Arco-O-Matic -- with servos hot glued to dowels, and a clothespin holding the Sharpie. So to make it all work we start by putting an.

Making an old wireless router into a wireless repeater to help extend range/improve signal strength in your home!

Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater

If you& upgrading to a faster, stronger wireless router, don& chuck your older Wi-Fi box. With the magic of DD-WRT, you can turn your older wireless router into a range-expanding Wi-Fi repeater to cover everywhere you need a connection.

12 Simple Kitchen Upgrades http://www.instructables.com/id/12-Simple-Kitchen-Upgrades/

12 Simple Kitchen Upgrades

Mini - Table Saw / Router / Shaper for Dremel rotary tool. Now that the Dremel contest voting is over I guess it's ok to update this instructable. Here is a "supplement" video showing the table saw extension in action.