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HJ-Story :: No snacks! Thanks for telling me when enough is enough

My wife always get tummyache from eating too much snack, she even knows it but still can't help herself. So I made this image as her phone's wallpaper t. No Snacks

Love Is love cute couple tumblr

Love Is.doing everything I can to make you happy every day of our lives 3


Kate always tries to tackle hug me from all possible angles… The action of this episode is preformed by professional with countless experiences, use your own discretion should you decide to try. Use careful judgement also base on you and the target’s.

HJ-Story » Commissions – June Edition

Here you’ll find the commision artworks that was drawn for some of the many awesome couples and supporters of HJ-Story!

HJ-Story's 'Love is'  ❤

Do you miss him? Sometimes when I start to miss you too much I turn on my whining mode until I get to see you!

Out of no where / "...how my love story started..."

I receive question from time to time asking me how I my love story started. and I thought this would be my most accurate answer. support HJ-Story on P. Out of no where