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Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood: How to Draw a Crayfish & Crayfish Anatomy

How to Draw a Crayfish & Crayfish Anatomy - Half a Hundred Acre Wood

Colorful crayfish is popular with the global aquarium trade but species population is dwindling. Photo: Caters News

Colorful crayfish identified as new species that needs saving

About his head writhe eels and elvers. He is encrusted with weeds and shells. His left hand grasps a huge crayfish by its two talons.

Grilled lobster with garlic-parsley butter

Grilled Lobster with Garlic-Parsley Butter

Grilled Lobster with Garlic-Parsley Butter by Saveur. In this recipe, lobster is flash-grilled, then poached in its own shell in a pool of melted garlic-parsley butter.

snapsvisor till kräftskiva

snapsvisor till kräftskiva

The Freshest Crayfish Tails in Lemon Butter | The Luminous Kitchen

The Freshest Crayfish Tails in Lemon Butter

Tropical blue crayfish

Young tropical blue crayfish - View amazing Tropical blue crayfish photos - Cherax quadricarinatus - on Arkive

One in 2-5 million lobsters are blue. A genetic defect causes a blue lobster to produce an excessive amount of protein. The protein and a red carotenoid molecule known as astaxanthin, combine to form a blue complex known as crustacyanin, giving the lobster its blue color.

The blue lobster is 1 in 2 million. Recently one was caught off the coast of Maine. The fellow's daughter named it Skylar :) and is donating the rare crustacean to the Maine Aquarium that already has 3 other blue lobsters. Pintwist on blue

How to Breed FRESHWATER Crayfish for Food Homesteading  - The Homestead Survival .Com     "Please Share This Pin"

This simple tutorial of how to breed freshwater crayfish for food makes a multi prong approach to self sufficient food system on your homestead easier.