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Commentary and best practices on securing student data.

Ed Markey and FTC Commissioner Julie Brill discuss the importance of student data privacy.

Hip-Hop More Important than Beatles, Stones, and British Invasion, Study Claims

Evolution of musical styles in the Billboard Hot The width of each spindle is proportional to the frequency of that style, normalized to each year. / via discover magazine

Big Data http://www.pinfographics.org/ig/big-data-the-resource-of-the-future/

Big Data - Infografía / Big Data - The resources of the future - Infographic

Show 13: Happy Hump Day

Editor's Note: Lisa Wade, PhD originally wrote this posted this piece on The Society Pages in In the wake of last week's verdict in the George Zimmerman case, she republished it there and has given permission to HuffPost to do the same.

All the ads that aired during the #SuperBowl 2014 |

WATCH 2014 Super Bowl Commercials

How to Say Goodbye to My Students

Fun End of the School Year Activities to Do With Sixth Graders

How to print on Post-it notes...Why did I never think of this!

WritingFix Process: The Post-It Project. Printable post its on the 6 traits, genres, and conventions.

Teaching English as a Second Language

Tips and tidbits about teaching English as a second language based on my experiences teaching in the U. and abroad

แมรี ลีกกี้ คือใคร ประวัติแมรี ลีกกี้

Mary Leakey February 1913 – 9 December was a British paleoanthropologist who discovered the first fossilized Proconsul skull, an extinct ape now believed to be ancestral to humans. She also discovered the robust Zinjanthropus skull at Olduvai Gorge.

The Socratic Process! Great Life Coaching Tool #coaching #MotivationalCoaching #CoachingProfessionals http://www.coachingportal.com/

The Socratic Process - 6 Steps of Questioning (infographic). This is so simple and so effective at the same time.